Cat lovers gift guide

Cat Lovers Gift Guide

The Purrrfect Cat Themed Gifts

Cats are the best pets. They're independent & self-sufficient! If you know someone who loves cats (or are looking to adopt one yourself), we have some great gift ideas for feline fanatics: 


Cat Toys

Cat Toys by Willows Wonders

 One of our personal favourite small businesses for all cat toys is Willows Wonders!  Our top first top pick from Willows Wonders are the Cat Kickers, filled with cat nip they promote exercise and decrease boredom leaving them with hours of fun! Our other favourite cat toy from Willows Wonders is the feather wands, these feather wands are great for bonding with your furry friend they also features a bell which will be sure to catch their attention!

Cat Kicker Toy filled with Cat Nip       

                   Cat Kicker - £4.25.      
                  Feather Wand - £3.99

Willows Wonders - @willowswonderstreats 


Cat Prints

Cat Print by Jen James Design


 Next up is this relatable “Quorn Nugs & Kitty Hugs” print, a perfect gift for any veggie cat lover.  Available in A4 or A5 and printed on 192gsm high quality matte paper. A perfect gift to make any cat parent & ‘nug’ lover smile!



Jen James Design - @jenjamesdesigns


Cat Socks       

Fluffy Cat Socks by Canvas & Bear                                                           

A must have for any cat lover; cat socks! Available in 5 different styles you’ll be sure to find a pair to match their feline friend.



Canvas & Bear - @canvasandbear


Wax Melts

Wax Melts by Pops Purrfect Home

Make their home smell absolutely divine with these cat theme wax melts. These wax melt designs are exclusive to Pops Perfect Home and are available in many different scenes including Grape Soda Pop, Cookie Dough, Peaches & Cream & many more! 


Pops Purrfect Home also donate 20% of all profits to Hectors House Cat Rescue, a Devon based animal rescue working to rescue and rehabilitate stray cats!  


Pops Perfect Home - @popspurrfecthome



Cat Hats

Mage of Pentacle - Ginger Cat Hat

This forest green beanie hat with an embroidered ginger cat would make for a perfect gift for any ginger cat lovers or owners. The embroidery is based on Mage of Pentacles original digital illustration.



Mage of Pentacle - @madeofpentacles


 Custom Illustration

Jessica King - Jessica King Illustration 

A wonderful gift for any cat lover would be a one of a kind illustration of their four legged friend! Starting from just £60 for watercolour, the recipient will be blown away receiving a custom portrait of their fur baby. 

Jess King Illustration - Cat Gifts 

Starting from £60

 Jessica King - @JessicaKingArt


 You can never go wrong with a good old cat-themed gift, We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect gift for someone who loves cats. 🐾



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My name is Beth and I’m contacting on behalf of The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy – the UK’s largest pedigree cat registry body.

Each year, we hold the UK’s largest cat show, with a footfall of around 1,500. Not only do we show off the best pedigree cats in the UK, but we also have an area for our visitors to shop and explore new business! We have had a lot of feedback from our customers that they love cat products, but would also love to see other businesses too! I have been searching for relevant stands, and your products seem like the perfect stall to be involved in our Supreme Show 2023! Our show will be at the NAEC in Kenilworth on October 21st 2023.

If this is something you would be interested in, please do let me know and I can get back to you with more information on how to register a trade stand for our event!

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