Christmas Eve Box Filler Ideas Under £5

Christmas Eve Box Filler Ideas Under £5

Christmas Eve Box Filler Ideas Under £5




Are you struggling for ideas for your little ones this Christmas? Let us help you!

Christmas Eve isn't complete without a Christmas Eve box.. Here are some great Christmas Eve Box filler ideas, all for under £5.

Personalised Letter from Santa



Shop here: Personalised Santa Letters | £4.50



These letters from Santa are personalised and addressed to your child and are a great way to keep the magic alive this Christmas. Sealed with twine and a North Pole wax seal, they are sure to bring excitement ready for Santa's visit.





Magic Reindeer Food



Shop here:  Magic Reindeer Food | £3.50


A great activity for Christmas Eve is feeding the reindeer magic reindeer food to help guide them to your home. The contents is 100% bird seed so this magic reindeer food is safe for wildlife and the environment!






Colour Me In Stickers



Shop here: Colour In Stickers | £1.25

Another great Christmas Eve activity, these colours in stickers! Simply colour in using pencils or crayons and peel, they can be used to decorate a christmas card, envelopes, or even gifts and presents!

Personalised Refillable Bauble




Shop here: Refillable Personalised Bauble | £4.99




These personalised baubles can be reused every year and are perfect Christmas Eve boxes. Featuring a name in a Christmas gold colour surrounded by holographic snowflakes. They are 10 cm in size and can be filled with sweets, socks, small toys or even hair accessories





Letter To Santa Kit



Shop here: Letter To Santa Kit | £3.99

Each letter is printed on vintage style paper and includes a printed envelope addressed to Santa Claus in a lovely Christmas font and is also included along with a sticker stamp making it realistic and magical. After filling in the Santa letter, leave overnight for Santa to read!













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