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Cat Memorial Tea Light Holder

Cat Memorial Tea Light Holder

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Introducing our Personalized Cat Memorial Tealight Holder, a comforting tribute to honour the memory of your beloved feline companion. This tealight holder offers solace and a personalized touch during times of grief.

Filled with fluffy white feathers, finished with a silhouette of a cat with silver wings and then personalised with pet's name surrounded by silver stars.

Please double check all spelling is correct, if you have an error in personalisation this cannot be rectified once posted.

Please note this is hand blown so there may be slight imperfections in the glass.*

Our memorial tea lights were one of our first items in our shop, they were designed and created in honour of Eric who sadly lost his life in 2019, each tea light is handmade with so much love and care to help bring comfort and to remember a much loved pet.

Features and Benefits:

  • Personalized Remembrance: Engrave your cat's name creating a personalized tribute that celebrates their life and the special bond you shared.
  • Comforting Illumination: The gentle flickering of the tealight provides a soothing ambiance, bringing comfort and solace while honoring your cat's memory.
  • Lasting Quality: Crafted with care, our cat memorial tealight holder is made from premium materials, ensuring durability as a lasting keepsake to cherish.
  • Healing Support: Designed for grieving pet owners, this memorial tealight holder serves as a source of comfort, offering a tangible reminder of your cherished cat's presence and the love they brought into your life.
  • Unique Gift Giving: Share your condolences and support with a unique and personalized gift. It's a heartfelt gesture that shows you understand and care during their time of loss.

This product is intended for cat owners who are grieving the loss of their beloved feline companion. Place a tealight candle inside the memorial holder, and as the candle's flame flickers, find comfort and solace in the warm glow of memories shared. Display the cat memorial tealight holder in a special spot at home, creating a peaceful and comforting space to reflect on the love and joy your cat brought into your life.

During difficult times, finding solace and support is essential. Our Personalized Cat Memorial Tealight Holder provides a tangible way to honor your beloved feline companion and bring comfort during the grieving process. Create a personal and heartfelt tribute that serves as a cherished keepsake, keeping your cat's memory alive forever.

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