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Hangover Kit Stickers - But Did you Die?

Hangover Kit Stickers - But Did you Die?

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Introducing our round circle stickers, the perfect addition to your hangover kit essentials. These stickers feature a bold and humorous message at their core: "But did you die?" Encircled by the words "Hangover Kit" and "In sickness and in health," these stickers add a touch of playfulness to any event/

Enhance your hangover kits with our fun and functional round circle stickers. Whether you're preparing for a wedding, party, or special event, these stickers are sure to be a hit. Make a statement and keep the laughter going with our "But did you die?" stickers today!

Make your hangover kits stand out with our versatile stickers, a must-have for the morning after!


Glossy, Matte


37mm - 24 stickers

40mm - 24 stickers

45mm - 15 stickers

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